Whiteley Woods Bimble

It’s been a while since I went for a bimble over to Whiteley Woods so Sunday afternoon armed with the camera I off I went. Part of the woodland runs alongside the local golf course […]

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River Hamble Hampshire

A few pictures from last weekend’s visit to the River Hamble..

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Wood Mouse

Whilst out in the garden yesterday I noticed a Wood Mouse helping himself to the nuts from the bird feeder. I sat and watched him for a good half an hour, even had time to […]

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A Stroll Along Titchfield Canal

Sunday.. After a nice roast dinner I decided to take a stroll along the Titchfield Canal. I made my way up the canal towards Titchfield Haven without seeing much at all due to the volume […]

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Feeding Sign – Live

A few weeks back I decided to watch a badger sett that I had recently discovered, in a nut shell I sat for two hours for about 30 seconds of Badger emerging from the sett […]

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Water Vole Watching

The past couple of weeks I have been visiting the Itchen Navigation watching and photographing Water Voles to gather information towards one of my Woodlife Diploma assignments. Each time I visit my eyes have become […]

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Woodlife Trails Diploma Weekend

I spent the weekend just gone at Hatfield Forest on a Woodlife Trails Diploma Weekend with some of my fellow students demonstrating verbally and practically some of the skills that we have already learnt. The […]

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More Macro

Macro photography can get a bit addictive so first thing this morning I was up and out into the garden looking for some more macro subjects. I found a Broad-Bodied Chaser Dragonfly a Hawthorn Shieldbug […]

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Red Mason Bee with Mites

Yesterday evening I was watching a couple of Bees flying in and out of a screw hole in the pergola. As they started to settle in for the night I decided to try and get […]

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Woodlife Trails Diploma – Wilderness Immersion

This weekend as part of the Woodlife Diploma I attended the Wilderness Immersion Course. I attended the course back in April 2011 then helped out on the same course in the following October. Although it […]

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