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Remote Shooting..

Today I decided to have a go at remote shooting using Pocket Wizard PLUSX remote triggers. Pocket wizards are wireless remote triggers that enable you to fire off flashes or remotely trigger the camera from long distances […]

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Galapagos Islands

My wife and I were fortunate to have been able to visit the Galapagos Islands recently. We were based on a small ship called Celebrity Xpedition. The Xpedition only has 98 passengers but does give you […]

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Itchen Navigation

I needed to test drive a new button configuration that I programed into the camera today so I popped over to the Itchen Navigation to see how the Water Voles were coping with the recent […]

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Richmond Park Rut

This weekend a friend and I decided to take a trip to Richmond Park in London to observe and take some pictures of the rut, so up at five and on the road half an […]

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More Garden Macro

Thought I would share some more of my favourite macro shots from the garden.. For a more detailed view check them out on my Flickr page Bee on Teasel Fly Grasshopper

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Garden Macro

This morning there was a brief period of sunshine before the cloud and rains came. Through the window into the garden I could see the sparkle of some of the dew drops that were reflecting […]

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Wilderness Gathering 2013

Last weekend saw the 11th Wilderness Gathering. Fellow trainee Instructor Trooper and I were responsible for the running and setup of the Woodlife Trails stand as one of our assessments. Woodlife Trails Exhibition Tent The […]

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With the nice weather upon us more people will be venturing out into the woodlands and parks. So on your return its probably a good idea to check yourself, your kids and your pets for ticks. There are of […]

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First Woodlife Trails Diploma Weekend 2013

Last weekend saw the first visit of 2013 to Hatfield Forest for a Woodlfie Trails Diploma Weekend. The aim was to clear down most of if not all practical assignments from year one of the diploma, […]

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Buzzard, a photo by GriGGerZ on Flickr. A shot of a Buzzard that I took on a stroll along the Itchen Navigation this morning..

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